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How Pole Dancing Can Seriously Boost Your Mental Health

Welcome back to the Blog! Now I know you have came here expecting more pole tips and tricks from me, BUT I have something much more exciting and important to share with you today. When I first mentioned I was starting a blog, to my surprise many students showed an interest in contributing and writing about their experiences around Pole Fitness. Today I bless your computer screens with this wonderful piece written by one of our Intermediate students Adina. Adina writes about her how Pole Dancing has helped her mental health and how it can help you! Take it away Adina.

Hi everyone, Adina here! As you may have noticed, over the past decade, mental health has been a hot topic. Just like physical health, mental health plays a crucial role in how we think, feel, and function, impacting on every aspect of our lives.

So let’s dive into something amazing that’s been adding some serious sparkle to lives one spin at a time - pole dancing! Of course, it’s such a great sport to stay fit and feel like a badass, but did you know pole dancing can do wonders for your mental health? Let's chat about some real-deal benefits that go way beyond the pole:

Crushing 'I Can't' with 'Not Yet': We've all been there, right? Watching your pole teacher demonstrating that new move flawlessly, then looking at the pole thinking “There’s no way I can do that". But guess what? Pole flips that, every attempt is a step forward, a little victory to add to your personal list, so just because you didn’t nail the move first time, it doesn’t mean you never will, it just means not yet! And that growth mindset? It spills all over into all other areas of your life, turning obstacles into exciting opportunities.

💕 Lovin’ the Skin You’re in: Say hello to body positivity! Pole dancing celebrates your unique strengths and curves, and celebrates what your amazing body can do, regardless of shape or size! As you dance and twirl, you realize your body is an incredible machine capable of amazing things. It's a game-changer for how you see yourself – and that confidence radiates wherever you go.

🤘Squad Goals: Pole dancing studios aren't just about fitness, they're like a second home filled with your supportive, encouraging like-minded crew. Everyone's on the same journey, cheering each other on as we conquer new moves and challenges together.. What an amazing and empowering place to be!

💪 Unleash Your Inner Power: Get ready to feel strong – seriously strong! Pole dancing works muscles you never knew existed. As you feel your body getting more powerful, that sense of being capable of anything sneaks into your mindset. Suddenly, those obstacles that once seemed like mountains become more like those annoying little speed bumps. I mean, remember how getting that bad ass move made you feel like you could conquer anything in life? Like that!

😁 Happy Vibes All Around: Did someone say endorphins? Well pole dancing is like hitting the endorphin jackpot. That amazing rush of feel-good vibes during and after a session? It's basically a dance party for your brain, otherwise, how do you explain feeling so happy after a painful pole session that left you with a collection of bruises 😆

Supercharged Confidence: Imagine this: you're nailing those jaw-dropping pole moves that you never thought were possible. That feeling of accomplishment? It's like a shot of confidence that pumps you up in and out of the studio. You strut through life with a new bounce in your step and a fresh ‘I got this’ attitude.

🙌 In a Nutshell: So, there you have it. Pole dancing isn't just about the spins and flips – it's a total game-changer for your mental well-being. From boosting your confidence and shifting your mindset to embracing your body and finding your tribe, pole dancing is all about empowerment. Whether you're a first-timer or a pole pro, get ready to unleash your inner goddess and give your mental health the love it deserves 💃

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