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Phone: 07944490854



Address: 11 Spring Bridge Mews, W5 2AA

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The only online Data we receive is your email, anything else is NOT held on our website or in physical form. Email address are used predominantly as a means to contact individuals regarding their bookings; confirmations, cancellations etc. Your email address will not be used for regular newsletter or Junk mailing you but you may be mass emailed regarding new promotions or deals we wish to offer you. If you wish to opt out of promotional emails please quoting 'OPT OUT' at the bottom of your email or message and your email address will instantly be deleted from our contact list. 


We also request you fill in a 'Waiver of Liability and assumption of risk and PAR-Q' on your first class with us. Any data given in the aforementioned waiver will only exist in its individual physical copy and WILL NOT be duplicated in anyway by anyone. This form will be kept locked away and under CCTV surveillance and only used in emergency situations where your emergency contact will need to be contacted and your medical history known. The PAR-Q is solely for your own health and safety and is used to inform the Instructor about anything that may affect their ability to teach you. 

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