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Your FIRST POLE FITNESS CLASS. Everything you need to know!

Are you still deciding whether you want to try Pole Fitness or have you booked yourself into your first ever class and want to know what to expect? Here are my TOP TIPS for your first pole fitness class to be as prepared as possible before stepping foot into a studio.

1. Make sure you book a dedicated Beginners class, not a general level or even a general beginners class. You want start in a Total Beginners or equivalent class, where everybody in the room is also brand new to pole. This way you won't have people doing mad tricks in the corner while you are still figuring out which is your inside foot.


Don't just book a single class. We recommend a course of at least 4 weeks because Pole is a very broad term and Pole Fitness is probably a new way for your body to move, it wouldn’t be a fair trial with just a 1-hour class as you wouldn’t get the chance to properly grasp even one aspect. Doing a course gives you the chance to try as many aspects of Pole as possible; spins, climbs, inversions, choreography, static pole, spinney pole and so much more, as well as see improvement.


You don't need to be flexible/fit/a dancer/have previous pole or aerial experience to try Pole for the first time! You will build the strength & flexibly needed to do pole by *shock horror* DOING POLE! Learning to do the splits or hold a plank for 10 minutes will not help you as a Total Beginner.


Be open minded! Don't go in with preconceptions of what the class will be like and don't judge it before you have tried it for yourself. How could you possibly know that you 'can't do it' if you have never actually tried it.


What to wear: Your usual gym wear; sports bra if appropriate, a t-shirt (preferably a tank top with no sleeves) and any activewear shorts (cycling, running, yoga, gym etc anything that has stretch and the shorter the better so you can use as much skin as possible to stick).


What to bring: Bring a cloth or towel to wipe the pole and your hands if you get sweaty or slidey, a water bottle and your A-game!

The biggest tip I can give is ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Because pole is a journey, not a destination. Take photos and videos where ever you can so you can look back at all the progress you have made. And if after your course you decide pole isn't for you, that's absolutely fine! Hopefully you still gained something from being brave enough to give it a go!


Alex :)


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