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A Gift Guide for the pole lover in your life

I don't know about you but I have not even began to think about gifts for people this year. Let's be honest my mum will end up with another John Lewis voucher, my partner will get more socks and my pals will probably unwrap another highlighter from some obscure independent brand from TikTok and set of candles from RinkyDink. So I thought I would try and help some of you out by creating what I think is the PERFECT Pole lovers Gift Guide (if you are the pole lover maybe send this as a very subtle hint to the family group chat or inconspicuously leave this blog open on your partners laptop).

1. Let's start with an obvious one. Most studio will have a gift card available on their website, if not you can email the studio and they will be happy to help you purchase a course, drop in session or pole hire at your loved ones favourite place in the world, their Pole Studio. You could also directly contact their favourite teacher and buy them a 1-2-1. Mum if you are reading this I would like THIS ONE PLEASE! Here is a link to the gift cards available in our studio GIFT CARD | TheEalingPoleStudio

2. You could continue to fuel their addiction to pole wear buy getting them a new pole set or 2. We adore Pole Junkie for its variety of brands, Hoodlum Fang for their amazing selection of prints and because they are a small company run by and absolute treasure who is more then happy to help with sizing and recommendations, and lastly Genie Polewear specifically our collaboration with her on The Ealing Pole Studio shorts . All of the above suggested brands also have gift cards if you are not sure on your pole lovers size or preferences.

3. If you aren't convinced about buying clothes for xmas how about some pole related accessories or trinkets. You could go for some cute Pole Pins like ours from Little Paper Forest or some socks for their choreo class. Etsy has an amazing selection of handmade tote bags with pole related phrases on them, or you could cut straight to the chase and buy them their favourite grip aid (full grip aid guide coming soon).

4. Stepping away from the physical gifts, what about a Pole Photoshoot. They can be an amazing way to mark where you are at in your pole journey and is a glorious excuse to get all dolled up. We love Ray at The Pole Nook in Hackney but there are loads of amazing pole photographers out there (pole photoshoot guide coming soon). If you aren't sure they would feel confident in front of a photographer just yet, what about a self portrait shoot. Candid are an amazing and innovative self portrait studio in Notting hill where you are on your own in the studio, giving you complete creative control over your shoot and allowing you to explore in a super safe and private environment. Let them know Alex from The Ealing Pole Studio sent you and they will make sure you have the best time.

Self Portrait of a pole dancer
Alex's Candid Self Portrait

5. Let's say they have a lifetime membership at a studio, they have every pole set under the sun, they already have 7 pole bags with pins, buttons and everything else a poler could want. How about tickets to a pole showcase, circus or cabaret. This one may be my favourite suggestion as there are always amazing shows on in London and they are constantly changing. We love Blackstage, Pxssy Parlour Cabaret, Broken Doll Events and La Clique.

What are you hoping Santa will side into your stockings this year? Let me know in the comments!


Alex :)

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