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New Year, Same You... and that's PERFECT!

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY ANGELS! I truly hope you had the most amazing festive season, got spoilt rotten, ate as much food as possible and enjoyed your sofa as much as I did!

With the celebrations coming to a close, along comes the inevitable 'New Year New Me' rubbish that piles up on your social media feed and makes you believe you have to change yourself entirely to even contemplate having a successful year. Welp we actually think you are bloody GLORIOUS just as you are! You DO NOT need to 'Detox for Jan'! What does that even mean? Your liver is the bodies detox organ and it does a better job then lemon water ever could. You DO NOT need to 'Cut Back to get Summer Body ready'! I'm pretty sure I will still have a body in Summer and don't need to cut joy out of my day for it to be 'ready'. You DO NOT need to join a cult gym and punish yourself for having a wonderful December. Overall I think we are better then that and we deserve to be treated like the beautifully individual humans we are, not cattle.

Our New Years promise to you is to continue providing a space where EVERYONE can move their body without judgment or unattainable goals, I place for you to find an hours peace in your day, surrounded by like minded people who just want to try something different that doesn't glorify weight lose or a certain body type. A badass way of working out where the only goal is to learn things you are truly proud of and have worked hard for. We will continue to spotlight your amazing talent with even bigger and better showcases. We will continue to build our community with studio outings and events throughout the year. We will continue to be a hub where everything you need to celebrate your pole fitness addiction is available. We have some big plans for 2024 and every single one of them revolves around you and we can't wait to share another stunning year with you!

Pole Students celebrating
Happy New Year 2024


Alex :)

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